Visual Management and Kanban Kickstart

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Energise teams and improve performance with Visual Management

How do we move beyond visualising “To Do, Doing and Done”? How can great visualisations support more energised and focused teams? How can the best visuals encourage better practices without management intervention?

This master class is ideal for ScrumMasters, team leaders and agile coaches who are ready to take the next step in their mastery of Visual Management techniques including applying advanced Kanban techniques.

Many teams are too busy to improve, disengaged and underperforming. In this practical workshop you will practice techniques to improve clarity around work, and establishing controls to better manage commitments and capacity during peak periods. Lead your team from chaos to kicking-ass.

This class shows you how to create happier and more engaged teams that have better managed work and measurably higher performance.

This class includes:

  • A fun and hands-on half day workshop covering:

    • How visualisation can improve Clarity, Control and Collaboration

    • Visualising collaboration in cross-functional teams

    • Managing demand and capacity visually

    • Managing process improvements and experiments visually

    • Extracting valuable insights and data from your visualisations

    • Using visualisation to extend agility outside IT teams

    • Real world examples and lessons from industry