We at Tabar, believe in helping our community reinvent their organisations using agile, lean and systems thinking principles and methods.

To this end, we have a long running relationship with the agile meetup community in Melbourne. In particular, we are actively involved with, and sponsor, 3 meetups that between them have several thousand members. Each group meets at least once a month, and covers a variety of topics, throughout the year. The meetup groups were the birthplace of the LAST Conference concept (sometimes referred to as a meetup on steroids!)


Melbourne Agile and Scrum User Group

Founded in 2008, this group is one of Melbourne's longest running and popular agile meetups. Usually occurring on the last Wednesday of the month, a wide variety of topics have been discussed, giving a forum for many of the most experienced agile people in the community to share their knowledge. It also provides a useful way for those new to agile concepts to learn.


Agile Product Owners & Business Analysts

This group is a community of business analysts who operate or want to operate in agile projects. Analysts and people interested in becoming or working with analysts are welcome. It meets on the second Tuesday of each month at various locations in the CBD.


Agile Product and Project Managers

This group is a community of practice, specifically for project managers who are working with agile teams, projects and companies. It is held on the third Tuesday of the month.