Lean Startup for enterprise

with Penelope Barr

Next course:
1 March 2018, Melbourne

A day of lean start-up in enterprises Learning & innovating by doing. This course is in conjunction with 1st Conference. If you have registered, use the code sent to you in your confirmation email to apply a discount.

About Lean Startup for Enterprise


Lean start-up is a business-creation methodology based on validated learning, experimentation & frequent releases – and what you measure & learn along this path.

Lean start-up methodologies (Eric Ries BUILD-MEASURE-LEARN & Ash Maurya GOLEAN) ask something different of an organisation.  They ask the enterprise to work with uncertainty which is unusual & uncomfortable for many.  This change of focus requires a business to learn; to make decisions based on questions asked; customer feedback sought; evidence gained from experiments run; & problems validated.

Due to this change in operating model, ideally the outcome should therefore be different – and more beneficial.  Successful lean start-up results in building products that people want ie product/market fit; minimising waste; failing fast; responding to change; supporting continuous improvement; enabling learning by doing; & delivering more customer value more often.

Innovation is the new competitive currency and lean start-up is the new organisational superpower.

How can Lean Start-up be applied at an enterprise-level?

In this highly practical, real-world, one-day training course, together we’ll explore how to pragmatically apply lean start-up principles in a large organisation.

Many people have read about lean start-up, or tried some of the elements in their workplaces, only to come unstuck because they’re not sure of what to do, when & how

This course takes you through some of the key steps in getting ready for lean start-up & setting you on your journey.

About the workshop

This course is aimed at people of all levels of experience who want to learn:

  • how Lean Start-up can be used to improve success through experimenting, learning, validating business models & innovation development
  • setting up for success – the ideal cultural & leadership infrastructure change to ensure the right environment for innovation & effective delivery
  • understand the importance of innovation DNA & how to assess & encourage this core skillset
  • learn about changing organisational structure models
    • Thinking end-to-end across the value-chain
    • Executives as Investors
    • Teams of Hustlers, Hipsters & Hackers as Business partners
  • how to implement the BUILD/MEASURE/LEARN & the GOLEAN frameworks – the basis of lean start-up
  • you’ll walk through real-world case-studies and learn how to use a kitbag of tools to create success
    • operating system canvas
    • lean canvas
    • create good hypotheses
    • user feedback tools
    • effective experiment validation 
    •  nail an elevator pitch
    •  prototype development
    •  innovation metrics
  • We’ll then touch on how to use an end-to-end customer-centric model of Design Thinking, Lean Experimentation, Agile Delivery and Lean Change to provide a framework to create validated business opportunities and improve chances of success

You’ll walk away with a ton of tools and the knowledge of how to experiment with these in your enterprise to validate core problems.

About Penelope Barr

Penelope Barr is an internationally & locally-awarded leader in innovation & product development. She is a creator & connector of people, ideas, opportunity & things; turning good ideas into great business & growing happy people that outperform. She helps organisations innovate, transform, accelerate, and apply analytical insight, thorough planning & rapid implementation in the design of new products, to generate revenue or deliver cost savings. Her full kitbag consists of design thinking, lean & agile techniques; as well as business planning, consulting, change management & digital development skills.