Business Analyst Master Class
with Craig Brown

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This one day masterclass is for business analysts and product owners who want to improve their ability to master requirements management.

Learning objective

Attendees will gain: 

  • Deeper insights into how Requirements Management should be conducted

  • Experience with techniques that will increase general knowledge and capability in managing requirements


The session will be customised on the day to the needs of the people present, however we anticipate we will revisit requirements management practices and look at techniques that help increase your quality and speed of requirements gathering, as well as improve the quality of the product delivered at the end of the project.

This doesn’t assume an agile project/product context, although may explore agile and lean techniques to help maximise the impact of your requirements management work.

Topics and themes

  • Planning for success; How do we set ourselves up for success at the beginning of a project? What do we do? What don’t we do that we should and how do we keep track of everything?

  • Understanding the value; What’s the fundamental value of the project we are on?

  • Bringing stakeholders together: How do we align stakeholders quickly and how do we keep them aligned? How do we manage conflict between stakeholders?

  • Modelling problems and solutions; Rigour in modelling rapidly increases quality on a project. We will explore multiple modelling tools and look at best ways to deploy them.

  • Making an Impact; The project isn’t over when the product is shipped. We need to see the impact we have made as well. How do we know we have done the right thing? How do we measure success?

  • Measuring Progress; Requirements traceability goes hand in hand with project progress. We look at ways of using Traceability to track progress and anticipate risks to requirements and business goals.

  • Each of these modules will start with an introductory talk, an exploration into the challenges people have with this aspect of the role, and then an exercise that will make the idea tangible. We close each session with a reflection on how we can use this and improve the way we work within the next few days to weeks.

Each of these topics align to principles in the BABOK. The ideas explored here are suitable for people working in all kinds of projects and within a variety of project frameworks and methodologies.

About your Expert

Craig Brown has 20 years of industry experience. He has worked on software products, IT projects, process improvements and service design projects. He has run countless workshops and training sessions. He brings an engaging style coupled with deep depth of knowledge and experience.

Praise for Craig Brown:

"He was very helpful, supportive and accessible at all times and he made all the students feel like a part of the family working together to learn and excel." - Umair

Obviously very knowledgeable and experienced, yet pragmatic and provided many meaningful insights. Created relaxed atmosphere and made efforts to encourge participation. — Rimma

"Craig's (has the) ability to engage and consult with the business and translate requirements and process impacts across to IT and system design…with expertise in process mapping, requirements gathering, business modelling and program communications…On many occassions Craig has served as a mentor to my team and me, providing sound advice and direction." - Patrick

"Craig is an excellent analyst, demonstrating strategic insight and a calm and systematic approach to his work." - Luke

"He was a source of inspiration to me and my friends in college." - Kamal

"Working for Craig for the past 2 and half years has been awe-inspiring. In that time I have learnt more from Craig than any one individual I have worked with previously." - scott

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