Jurgen Appelo and REA Group. Enabling world class people, practices and culture

Jurgen and Tabar

As we like to point out, we have a long running relationship with Jurgen Appelo, and his Management 3.0 framework. We first helped to bring him to Australia in 2012, and since then we have brought him back to teach, and speak at our events (Spark the Change in 2014 and 1st Conference in 2017).

On his recent visit, the REA Group asked us to arrange a visit to run a session with the Enterprise Technology and Contact Centre teams. They were about to start working together on a digital transformation of customer support platforms, and wanted to build empathy and understanding, so that they could work together to build an effective solution for their customers.

We decided to make a short movie, to document what happened, and you can see it above. In it, you'll get to to see the REA offices, and hear from Jurgen and REA's Olivia McMillan about what happened, on the day.

REA Group and Tabar

We have also been involved with various parts of the REA Group over the years, delivering a range of training courses, such as Management 3.0, Agile and Lean Change Management, and several Alistair Cockburn courses. They have also been involved in supporting LAST Conference and various Meetups, and Agile themed fundraising dinners. It was great to work with Olivia McMillan and Damian Fasciani, Customer Experience and Enterprise Technology managers, at REA.

Tabar can work with you, too

We are always looking for the best experts who can help Australian companies become great places to work, and raise the capabilities of their people to do this. As well as Jurgen, we have worked with people like Alistair Cockburn and Bas Vodde and look to continue this in the future.

Please talk to us, if you would like us to arrange something similar for your organisation. You can also take a look at the training courses that we offer.