Management 3.0 Workout: Trainer Interview - Craig Brown

Tabar pioneered Management 3.0 in Australia, first bringing its founder, Jurgen Appelo to Australia, in 2012.

For our upcoming Management 3.0 Workout course, we're taking the opportunity to speak with Craig Brown.  

Apart from expertise in the disciplines of management and project delivery, Craig has a deep understanding of the practical implementation of Agile and Lean methods. He is a leading thinker in the Agile community and as well as presenting to industry conferences in Australia and overseas, Craig organised the Melbourne LAST  (Lean, Agile, and Systems Thinking) conference in Melbourne.

Craig has delivered Enterprise Agile training programs to Tier 1 companies, and has trained numerous teams in Scrum basics as well as since 2012 delivered Management 3.0 training to clients in Australia and facilitated subsets of the training course into Australian Agile Conferences.

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Good management underpins good organisational performance. Attend to good management and you unleash huge amounts of potential. 
— Craig Brown

Ringo: What is this course about? What exactly are “Management Workouts”

Craig: Jurgen’s Management 3.0 book is a great framework for thinking about management. He's got a really good set of training activities that link the ideas to tangible practices that can help managers of all levels think and do better than what we are typically equipped for. 

The idea of workouts is practising specific activities in a classroom/workshop setting as preparation for the real world. It's a bit like training for a sporting event before the big day. You get to try things when the stakes aren't too high, to practice and grow competence in a safe environment. 

Ringo: Where did you first come across Management 3.0?

Craig: I was part of the industry’s blogging community last decade. I came across Jurgen’s work as part of that network. Through his blog I found I really connected with his ideas. When he published his first book I found it to be right on the money for what management should be (versus what most people practice.) 

What I particularly liked is how he applied values and principles to the way management should be practiced. It challenges a lot of assumptions and has loads of practical good ideas. 

Given the right conditions this approach to managing people can be transformative.

Ringo: What are the key learnings of this one day course?

Craig: For a start we will practice techniques in a safe environment. There are many great techniques Jurgen has invented that we can explore together.

Managers who want to be better at their job can try some of these ideas out. In some ways it will be shopping for techniques. In others it will be adding tools to your kit. And of course it will be a place to practice management activities in a place where the stakes are low. Just like a pre-game training workout. 

On the day I'll be tabling a bunch of activities and the situations they address. We will all then prioritise which ones we want to focus on and I'll then brief the participants and we will start practising. 

Ringo: How would an attendee know that this course would be right for them?

Craig: Do you manage people? It's right for you. Do you aspire to manage people? It's right for you. Have you never heard of Management 3.0? You'll learn new stuff. An old hand? You'll get to practice and reflect. 

When is it not good to learn, practice and reflect on good ideas? 

While it would be good to already be familiar with Management 3.0 I don't think it will be important on the day. Like I said, this day is all about practising good techniques, and these techniques all stand alone as valuable practices. 

Ringo: How would an organisation know that it would be valuable to send their people on this course?

Craig: The two main cases for coming along are:

  • You are growing and you need to support your managers as they adapt to increasing responsibilities. 
  • You are a mature organisation but your 21st century workforce need better management. 

Also this, perhaps more interesting motivation;
You have tried an Agile Transformation and are surprised at how little it paid off, or perhaps it has stagnated before you got the benefits you expected. 

Good management underpins good organisational performance. Attend to good management and you unleash huge amounts of potential. 

Plus you get the good fortune of having me run the sessions. I'm wise beyond my years and fun to be around.