LeSS: Scaling Sweet Spot

By Venkatesh Krishnamurthy.

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There are several  frameworks, ideas and methods available for scaling Agile projects. Many are either too prescriptive detailing out practices making it too narrowly focused with no wiggle room.  The prescriptive, highly defined process destroys the principles of empirical process control. 

There are others which are purely principles based pushing the onus on users to worry about the practices.  

The secret lies in balancing the principles and the practices. This is where Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) captures the sweet spot. 

LeSS achieves the same balance as Scrum, for larger product groups. It adds a bit more concrete structure to Scrum, whose purpose is to maintain transparency and emphasize the inspect-adapt cycle so that groups can continuously improve their own ways of working. LeSS  consciously leaves the space for users to create context dependent practices. 

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