Happy Remote Workers

By Anton Rossouw.

We are of the firm belief that the happiness quotient of remote workers can be improved dramatically. We know that the people in development centres and outsourced offices in places like Bangalore, Ho Chi Minh City and Manila will grasp at any opportunity to contribute more to projects and teams at "head-office" in Melbourne or Sydney.

A little help and support to engage them into the fold will go a long way. We think we have a good innovative part of the answer that can help overcome the tyranny of distance!

Our Double Robotics remote worker avatar has now been alive for three weeks. Her name is Melly, and her purpose is to help remote workers work in happier ways by being their representative and avatar where they are needed.

It was easy to bring her into life with the help of an iPad or two and a WiFi and 4G internet connection.

She is a delight! Very friendly and agile, always available when you need her in meetings or just for a quick chat. She gets around the office quite nimbly and can manoeuvre herself almost everywhere, but she is a bit wary of power cables and stairs.

She has really good hearing and a commanding voice that can effectively be used to make her presence known. Meet Melly in action.

Melly the remote worker ambassador.jpg

She is a key ambassador of our Happy Melly Australasia remote worker happiness product, and we will be pleased to introduce her to your office and your remote workers, be it at a school, remote mine site, head-office or satellite office. Contact us today for a chat with Melly!