What is common between Agile and FengShui ?

By Venkatesh Krishnamurthy

I know this is a tricky question if someone asks "What is common between Agile and Fengshui?" .  Not an easy answer ah?   

Let me give out the answer, both Agile and Fengshui has a lot of believers and followers. The followers have such a tremendous blind faith that they don't question and follow the rituals to the last letter. 

For example, I have seen Feng Shui followers setting up Aquariums, buying gold fishes, lighting scented candles to attract wealth/abundance. Whether it works, don't know.

I am seeing the same trend in Agile followers as well. If there are challenges in software delivery, stakeholders are asking the teams to just "practice" Agile and many a times some popular models like Spotify, SAFe or DAD.  

Many a times, just ignoring all the noise and just applying some common sense could solve many challenges.  

Are you a follower  surrounded with too much of noise?  Do you think ignoring this noise helps in your context?